esmaspäev, 1. jaanuar 2018


Year two thousand and seventeen
 been changing all over of me

having insights of miracles
and letting off the barriers

Many people my life has touched
have taught me way out of catch

have changed my thoughts
has changed my life
brought up from messy nights

So clad I found the strength
climbing up to mountain top
up there the way was clear
even- without the fear

I saw the ways are up to you
one is longer other is stronger
All I need is faith- go over

Believing in you and nothing more
is the key inside of you

I have felt the fear and care
have felt the hate and state of bare

All the emotions are to feel
if you believe you can heal

To see yourself as loving being
Divine will bring you back believing
giving me sightseeing
How gorgeous and beautiful place we're living

The gratitude is overwhelming
for all the gifts we're constantly claiming

Grateful for the beauty of this year
 let all the Joyous life 
touch the people within year 

Prosperous New Year my dear Friends!

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